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DRUMJAM now presents tailor-made programmes for educational institutions. DRUMJAM’s programmes for schools & colleges aim to introduce students, teachers and/or parents to the joys of group drumming, which brings them numerous benefits.

DRUMJAM sessions offer a great deal to students, parents and teachers. No musical experience or knowledge is required to get the best out of a drum circle.

Drumming releases stress, breaks down barriers, improves communication, and encourages creativity. Participants discover their own musical potential and gain confidence. Group drumming gives young participants an enjoyable lesson in teamwork. They learn about rhythm and discover the advantages of listening. A DRUMJAM session draws a group closer together.Most of all, drumming is fun, and children enjoy the experience enormously.Apart from introducing students to the delights of playing a musical instrument, drumming offers a wide range of observable benefits.

Studies have shown that drumming

  1. Harmonises left and right brain activities
  2. Develops creativity
  3. Improves memory, concentration and alertness
  4. Improves confidence and self-esteem
  5. Engages and holds children’s interest
  6. Develops motor skills
  7. Helps children understand teamwork and co-operation
  8. Results in better mental and emotional health
  9. Develops listening skills
  10. Is an interesting form of self-expression
  11. Explores musical ability
  12. Releases stress
  13. Is good for hand-eye co-ordination
  14. Develops a sense of community
  15. Is enriching as well as fun
  16. Elevates mood

Our programmes can be customised to suit your institution’s particular requirements.

For more information on how to introduce your students to the advantages of group drumming, do call:

Vidya: +91 98805 12123
DRUMJAM office: +91 98866 38911