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DRUMJAM’s focused, exciting interactive sessions, events and workshops offer a unique blend of the many and varied benefits of drumming and elemental music making. Our in-depth understanding of the field, our highly trained team, and our skill and experience with drum circles combine to create an unforgettable experience that leaves every participant eager for more.
DRUMJAM offers an unparalleled opportunity to improve communication, reduce stress levels, express feelings, break down barriers within groups, increase confidence and foster a community spirit in your team. The DRUMJAM experience gives everyone involved a new sense of their own potential and worth, as well as the chance to learn the basics of the primal skill of drumming.
DRUMJAM activities can be geared to a variety of purposes to suit specific needs:
Sessions by drum circle facilitators Roberto Narain and Vasundhara Das and their team of talented facilitators can be arranged. These are:

  1. Memorable interactive musical experiences
  2. Engaging experiential learning modules
  3. Fun

Icebreakers are short, high-energy DRUMJAM sessions that, as the first item on a group’s agenda, surprise and delight participants. Icebreakers are ideal for:

  1. Kick-starting a conference
  2. Energising the participants in preparation for other activities
  3. Quickly drawing a group closer together

Team-building exercises based on rhythm offer several advantages. These can be aligned to specific organisational goals.  They are:

  1. Highly effective for team cohesion
  2. Thoroughly enjoyable, yet insightful
  3. Helps members of a team understand each other better

Motivational exercises can also be conducted productively through a DRUMJAM session. Motivational DRUMJAMs:

  1. Increase confidence
  2. Help discover individual as well as group potential
  3. Offer an opportunity for spontaneous creativity

Stress release is one of the most important benefits of a DRUMJAM session. Participants, accustomed to a fast-paced, demanding lifestyle, will find that a DRUMJAM stress-buster:

  1. Offers an outlet for the healthy release of stress
  2. Is an opportunity for self-expression
  3. Creates a satisfying sense of community

DRUMJAM offers an added dimension to product launches, brand initiatives, mobile activations and other marketing exercises. An event with a DRUMJAM session as part of the programme:

  1. Is exciting and memorable
  2. Offers a strong, positive association with the product or brand
  3. Is a team-building opportunity

DRUMJAM Instruments:
DRUMJAM’s 20,000-strong inventory consists of the finest quality musical instruments. These are branded, top-of-the-line instruments, which ensure not only the participants' thorough enjoyment, but their safety as well.
DRUMJAM is also involved in research into the creation of new instruments, adapted to the specific needs of client groups.