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Our intent is to build community. Group drumming as an activity has been proven to foster community spirit, brotherhood, understanding and acceptance. Drumjams are intrinsically community-building activities. Some of the social effects of a Drumjam are that it

  • Brings people together
  • Breaks down barriers of social communication
  • Fosters a feeling of camaraderie, brotherhood and acceptance
  • Is an activity that is open to people of any age,ability,impairment, language, religion, gender or economic status
  • Helps people de-stress
  • Allows people to explore musical potential and expression
  • Strengthens the sense of community
  • Energises and inspires people and is a lot of fun

As the world has progressed technologically, there have been many noticeable social changes in communities as a result. We have never been as connected as we are now, yet, at the same time, we have never been as isolated as individuals as we are now.
When was the last time you looked into the eyes of someone you don’t know and had a few moments of pure human connection, with no words?
When was the last time three or four generations in your family came out and shared an experience together?
When was the last time you smiled for over an hour?
All of this is experienced by the hundreds of people in Bangalore who are already a part of Bangalore’s very own Community Drumjam.
Community Drumjam is an ongoing community program initiated in 2013 by Drumjam in partnership with the Bangalore Metropolitan Rail Corporation Ltd., which runs a public art space in the center of the city known as Rangoli Metro Art Center.
Community Drumjam is open to public. No age restrictions. Both the activity as well as the space is accessible to people of various abilities and physical and behavioral challenges. Instruments are provided by Drumjam. Chairs are provided by Rangoli MAC.


Community Drumjam

Day: Third Sunday Of Every Month
Venue: Bayalu, Rangoli Metro Art Center, MG Road, Bangalore 560 001
Time: 4pm to 6pm

For those who would like to learn some basic skills of playing Djembe can attend the Free Djembe Workshop held from 3pm to 3:45pm, prior to each Community Drumjam at the same venue.

Free Djembe Workshop

Day: Third Sunday Of Every Month
Venue: Bayalu, Rangoli Metro Art Center, MG Road, Bangalore 560 001
Time: 3pm to 4pm

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Based on the overwhelming response received at Community Drumjams, and requests received to serve the needs of various populations who cannot access the Community Drumjams at Rangoli Metro Arts Center, Community Drumjam Foundation was formed in August 2017. Community Drumjam Foundation works with orphanages, old age homes, special needs groups, government schools and other populations. For more information on the ongoing work of the foundation, please visit or email :